Helping Active Individuals Get Out of Pain and Quickly Return to Activities and Sports While Prioritizing Health, Wellness, and Longevity.

Whether due to a specific issue or looking to improve your health/wellness our services provide targeted help to a variety of conditions. Here are some common conditions we treat, but not limited to the following:

Back Pain

Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

Foot Pain

Ankle Pain

Sports Training


Neck Pain

Why the name STEAM?

As Brien Lee, owner of STEAM Physical Therapy, drove back from completing his first marathon in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a sense of accomplishment coursed through him, igniting a desire to capture that very essence in the name of his practice. STEAM perfectly embodies the boundless energy he felt, while also representing the spirit of collaboration between our patients and dedicated physical therapist, working as a united team to conquer your goals. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, and we are dedicated to guiding you through every step of your journey. STEAM captures the resilience to rise up to challenges and seize opportunities. As the saying goes, you can't spell "STEAM" without "TEAM," and together, we are excited to propel you Full Steam Ahead toward a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Brien finishing the Steamboat Marathon, June 2022

About STEAM Physical Therapy

At Steam Physical Therapy, your well-being is our top priority. As a concierge, mobile physical therapy practice, we are dedicated to bringing you personalized, one-on-one care that is tailored specifically to your needs. As a private pay practice, we have the freedom to focus solely on what's best for you without any insurance constraints. Our passion lies in helping you get out of pain, build confidence in your movement, and enable you to lead an active lifestyle, all while avoiding the need for surgery. But our commitment doesn't stop there. We also offer comprehensive wellness care to optimize your lifestyle and keep you feeling your best. With our expertise and compassionate approach, we will guide you on a transformative journey toward optimal health and wellness. At Steam Physical Therapy, you are not just a patient; you are a valued part of the team on this path to a better quality of life.

Patient Testimonial

"The level of skill, knowledge, and caring that we have received from Brien Lee is Simply phenomenal! His gentle but professional touch is combined with an array of knowledge and tools to address our specific bodily needs. In addition he is responsive, reliable and responsible in his attention to his clients. We are forever grateful for him and his healing touch!!"

-Michelle O.

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Brien Lee, Owner, PT, DPT, CSCS

An American in Paris, 1st National Tour

Meet your PT and Owner

Brien Lee graduated from Georgia College and State University with a bachelors degree in Exercise Science before attending the Medical College of Georgia to get his Doctor of Physical Therapy. After graduating from PT school in 2015 Brien began working at NeuroTour — an international company specializing in performing arts rehab for Broadway shows and concert tours. The list of shows he worked on include: Hamilton, Mean Girls, An American in Paris, and Katy Perry’s Witness Tour. Following tour life, in 2021 Brien moved to Colorado where he was a concierge PT and worked with some of the top athletes in the world. Through his experiences as a physical therapist, Brien has developed an integrated treatment approach that utilizes advanced manual therapy techniques to restore function and optimize efficient movement patterns.

Brien also serves as the host of The Healthy Pickleballer podcast. Through this platform, he shares valuable insights, expert tips, and the latest trends to keep pickleball enthusiasts and athletes in prime physical condition, promoting overall well-being

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Brien finds joy in an active lifestyle, engaging in activities like pickleball, golf, tennis, running, and hiking. His dedication to health and well-being is evident in both his personal and professional life, making him a trusted guide for individuals looking to reach their optimal potential.

What our clients are saying:

"I was referred to Brien for shoulder issues I've been having. The treatment I've received has been excellent. After just a few sessions, I've noticed a significant difference. I would highly recommend Brien!"

-Matt H

"Brien is amazing. I’ve worked with a dozen of PTs due to chronic pain from scoliosis surgery, and Brien is the first to provide lasting relief. He leverages multiple treatment modalities - massage, dry needing, and cupping in my case. I was skeptical at first, but they work. I have never felt better. Brien is not only exceptional at his work, he is also exceedingly professional and pleasant. Highly recommend!"

-Lynn L

"What a gift to work with Brien! I love his depth of knowledge of the body, his sensitive ability to know how hard to push or when to be gentle, and how present he is during each session. He's also a lovely human being! I'd highly recommend Brien to anyone looking for any type of physical therapy. He can do it all!"

-Ali D

What the performers said:

"I'm immensely thankful for Brien, my physical therapist during my time as a performer in Hamilton. His expertise and dedication ensured I could deliver stellar performances night after night without falling victim to the show's physical demands. Brien's proactive care not only prevented injuries but also preserved my body's balance and strength throughout the run. His support transcended the clinic, making him not just a therapist, but an invaluable friend and essential part of my Hamilton journey"

-Cast Member

"Brien is a true healer. I sustained a knee injury while performing in the musical Hamilton. I was so happy to have Brien on my team in my recovery journey. One of his greatest strengths is challenging you to be consistent by supporting you physically and meeting you where you are. He is hands on and a great problem solver, all on top of being fun to be around. 10/10 recommend!

-Cast Member

“Performing in a show 8 times a week is not an easy task. Working with Brien helped me maintain a healthy body while doing a vigorous show schedule and traveling across the country. Brien knew exactly how to work with any physical issue I had and how to get me performing at the highest level always. He was a key factor in helping me maintain physical strength , endurance, consistency and stability in a very physically demanding job and schedule! “

-Cast Member

"Brien was my PT on the Broadway National Tour of “An American In Paris.” Brien was sent to us because the show was very physically demanding and we needed an experienced Physical therapist. Brien is an amazing listener and took the time to understand what I was experiencing. He formulated an effective plan to address my imbalances and weaknesses. He kept me performing at a level my job demanded and at a level I expected of myself as a seasoned professional dancer. I wouldn’t have made it through 2 years of the show if Brien wasn’t our physical therapist. On top of being very knowledgeable and helpful, he’s also easy going and an approachable person who makes working together comfortable and fun. Thanks for saving my back!"

-Cast Member

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Our Unique Approach:

In our practice, we're not your typical physical therapy service. We center our approach on your individual goals and needs, actively involving you in your pursuit of greater health and wellness. What makes us stand out is our holistic approach, where we view your body as a dynamic, interconnected system, rather than just focusing on isolated issues. We assess posture and functional movement patterns to identify any biomechanical inefficiencies causing undue stress on your system, while also evaluating your strength and mobility. Our hands-on techniques and targeted exercises don't just alleviate pain; they're designed to build strength and resiliency in your core and stabilizing muscles, empowering you to take on your favorite activities with confidence.

Listen to the Podcast

Discover the ultimate resource for optimizing your health and improving your pickleball game with "The Healthy Pickleballer" podcast! Hosted by Brien, this podcast offers a holistic approach to enhancing on-court performance and overall health. Brien not only shares his own valuable insights but also brings in expert guests to provide diverse perspectives. Tune in on Apple and Spotify.

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